Probably my greatest passion is music. My favorite genres include contemporary hip-hop, EDM, indie rock, pop, and Americana. I’m a sucker for ballads.

I like to say that half of my brain is song lyrics. At any given moment there’s usually something playing in my head. It takes some willpower to keep myself from singing along when I hear a song I like.

My primary musical expression comes through dance. I love going to concerts and music festivals.

I also play a bit of guitar and have been known to DJ occasionally.


Skiing is my favorite sport. I started when I was 16, but only got really obsessed in my 20s. My favorite places to ski are the Monashees in British Columbia and the Tetons in Wyoming.

I gravitate towards sports that give me a feeling of “flow”. When I’m skiing I lose track of all my worries about the past and the future. My entire being is concentrated on the next turn.


I get that same feeling of “flow” biking around NYC. Over the years living here I’ve starting biking more and more, to the point where it’s now my exclusive form of transportation.

I look forward to bike rides and dread taking cars or public transit. The difference is so stark to me that I’ve been known to peel off from social groups during transit.


Some of my favorite games are poker, chess, Go, bridge, and mafia. I gravitate towards turn-based games, deep decision trees, and psychological elements.

I also enjoy a variety of modern board games.

Burning Man

I’ve been going to Burning Man since 2014. It’s changed my perspective on a lot of things.

It’s really hard to express what Burning Man is to somebody who has never been. Here’s my best attempt:

  1. Burning Man is an experiment in organizing a decentralized society without the traditional incentives of money and power.

  2. Burning Man is a metaphor for life. The burn symbolizes the impermanence of life and all of its inherent meaning. We are at our best when our personal flame burns bright.

  3. Burning Man purifies the intention of creation and celebrates art for art’s sake.

  4. Burning Man is the biggest and best party you have ever been to.

If you want to know more, the 10 Principles are a good place to start.

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